Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello again, part 2

I was saving the best bit for part two, hello again, but I have been super busy with another project and just haven't had a chance to do this the justice it deserves. And as I have a job application due tomorrow, now seems the perfect time to do it [insert rolly-eye emoticon here]. I am the Queen of Procrastination after all.

Speaking of lovely friend Loani, Queen of Tea Cosies, sent me a surprise package recently. It came in a box, packaged inside another box that didn't contain raw chicken, according to her handwriting. Hmm....provocative but also reassuring. So what was inside?

She has photographed it so beautifully on her own blog that I'm going to steal a few of her pictures and show it off here. Apparently I 'baggsed' (sp?) it, mid-stitch. I'm feeling a bit bashful about that now, but only a little bit because the rest of me is just so chuffed to have it.

Behold, my new scarf!


One's friend is very talented, very generous, and very funny. One opened the box and found all manner of notes attached to the scarf explaining its evolution. 

One laughed and One cried, then laughed again, then buried One's face in the silky soft beautiful wool while admiring the perfectly formed and deliciously fluffy pom poms on the corners. 

Did you notice there are sheep, tea pots, hearts, and chickens?
One's photos aren't nearly as good as the other One's, who is somewhat of a stylist after publishing so many beautiful books. 


As a creative person I love making things for other people. My crochet history started with the appearance of lots of little people in our lives. My Mum had always made baby blankets for her friends' children and I decided to do the same. This led to all sorts of projects, including several crocheted ponchos. I've made two this year, after a bit of break: one for my neice and one for my god-daughter (well, I claim her as my god daughter because I'm god mother to her brother and I love them both to bits). It's impossible not to think about them as you complete each stitch. There is so much love in a handmade gift, because there is a lot of time and a lot of thought that goes into it. Not to mention the wool! So, needless to say I was very overwhelmed by this gift. It came out of the blue and at a time when I was feeling stressed and stretched. It was unexpected and beautiful and I love it. 

This gift from Loani also reaffirmed to me the joy of the blogging community, and my little corner of it. None of you know the extent of your presence in my life and the conversations that go in our house because of you (usually along the lines of "You should see what the Gnomes are growing/making..!" and "Duckie mentioned..." or Chris said..." "Loani posted..." or "Celia's chickens..." and the list goes on). Your stories have become my stories and you inspire me in ways you wouldn't know and don't imagine.

So thank you to my lovely friend Loani and thank you to all of you who take the time to read and comment on my blog and share your own stories on your blogs. I loves yous all (and I haven't even had a gin!) xx


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

aw shucks Jacqui. 'slovely. ta for the ta. oi loike being here too.

The Duck Herder said...

oooooch! goodness. That scarf is pretty gorgeous! Welcome back to blog land.......I must admit I have been as absent as you ms litd.

good luck with the job app!

Roll said...

wow, Loani is THE MASTER! ... It's totally totally awesome.. how lucky are you, and yes, I can't agree more, hand made gifts are very special, very : )
what a cool scarf!

planettreasures said...

that is such a beautiful scarf, you are sooooo lucky (Hope you bring it to book club so I can fondle too!)

Chris said...

Lovely present and perfect for the Mountains during winter. :)

Am I a senile old woman and forgot to write a response to Part 1, or didn't my response get through? I swear I wrote something, lol.

I could have forgotten, thinking I'd written something - or perhaps it's in the spam folder, waiting moderation. Please tell me I'm not as mad as a March hare here. ;)

And if I am, break it to me gently, lol.

Nice to see you posting and the feelings you express are often mutual. :)

Captain Sensible said...

Awesomes scarf you luck chicken - you will be the warmest girl in the mountains