Thursday, August 23, 2012

Milkwood Permaculture Farm

Rather than not posting for AGES I've decided short and sweet is the new way to go. So, I just saw this link on a friend's FB page and wanted to share it here. It's Milkwood Permaculture Farm ( and it is not too far from where I lives. Might go for a look-see when I have time to scratch my arse. ( ambulance required after a day of 'online learning'. )

Anyway, anyone that describes a chook as "a chicken born in Australia" gets the thumbs up from me but surely we aren't the only country to use the word? Here's a pic to make the whole short-post thing a bit more exciting.

Image source

You know, I just never get tired of chooks. I mean, look at her! She's a beauty, and look at those lovely eggs. Chooks are THE BEST.


Roll said...

haha, i've heard that no one else calls them chooks! how funny hey!
: )
they are pretty damn cool creatures. I think I just like birds in general, so soft and pretty and stuff : ) and the eggs ARE rad.

Chris said...

That picture reminds me of your light sussex hen too. My, they are pretty.

I cannot seem to raise them here though. I tried it twice and both died around the 12 week mark.

I've also been reading the Milkwood site for a while. They're always up to something interesting. :)

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

If only cats laid eggs.

Goldi said...

I'm from the UK, and used to keep chickens some years ago. I've heard 'chooks' used a lot on uk sites, but maybe we're just copying you! :)

Now I have a question, and it's a real long shot. In your archive, dated Friday 19th June, 2009, you've got a lovely card of a row of hens sitting on a fence. The caption is, "Is that my mobile?" It was sent by your friend Rebecca.

Some friends bought me a gorgeous coffee mug with that exact design on many years ago, and have just broken it, in a moment of carelessness, (of the 'it's all right, I'll be careful' variety).

I've found the manufacturer's website, but I don't think they're making them any more, so if ANYBODY knows the artist's name, that might be a start in finding some way to print a transfer onto a plain one. It wouldn't be as nice as the original, but I'm missing my morning dose of chicken coffee already, and I almost can't imagine coffee without it!

Hope you don't mind me hi-jacking your blog to ask this, and thanks to anyone who can give me any kind of clue.


Goldi said...

Found it! I tried some different search strings and here it is, my actual cup!

I imagine it would be a bit pricey to have one shipped all the way to Australia, but I'm posting the link anyway, just so you can see what the fuss was all about.


Jacqui said...

Hi Goldi! Glad you found your cup! I had almost exactly the same thing happen to me a few years back and with lots of internet searching and some cajoling I managed to replace the one I'd broken. Jacqui

Mumbles said...

It's funny, as soon as I came across your blog, I turned to my husband and said, "Chooks? Is that slang for chickens?" He said, "Yeah, I think it's Southern." You know, like the Southern U.S.? Turns out it's a bit more southerly than that, huh? I'm really enjoying reading!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Mumbles, your comment made me smile! I think my blogging wheels have fallen off though - seems hard to get any time to come back to it but I'm glad you're enjoying the read!