Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You're my hens now!

How cool is this? It's by John Wright, who is one of the artisans in the garden at
the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. It's called - yes, you guessed it! - 'Chooks'

Speaking of chooks, Sooty is gone. He's attacks got more frequent and there just wasn't any logic to them, though I think he might have felt particularly provoked when I walked out one morning in my long red dressing gown 'cause he went nuts. Which is fine when you are rugged up for winter and his spurs aren't fully grown. It's even sort of funny but I didn't fancy facing that in shorts, in summer. No matter how much I assured him he was 'da man', he saw me as a threat.

While I kept calm and took a gentle approach with him he was just too unpredictable so he's gone back from whence he came: to our local produce store. The good thing about that is they have farmers and breeders from around the district who take them off their hands so he isn't necessarily going to be dinner. And if he does end up as dinner, he'll be a tasty bird and he's certainly had a better life than most roosters. I found it difficult to do (not helped by M. asking me yesterday "Should we go visit Sooty?"... aaggghh!!!) and I will be much stronger with myself the next time a charming young rooster cocks his cute little head at me while I'm picking up feed for the girls. I am of the school that animals that you bring home are for good but this one clearly wasn't working out.

The upside is I have my hens back!! I am enjoying peaceful times out in the yard with them and their silly antics. Of course Pippy has resumed her crowing, which totally bewildered Sooty, as well as her other odd behaviours (such as 'covering' the other hens?!), but she's almost six and, well, we're all used to it (the girls included).

As those strange fellows from A League of Gentleman say "You're my wife hens now!"


mountainwildlife said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about Sooty! Not sure why they grow into agressiveness but sometimes it does happen :( I enjoyed reading your blog again and catching up, I've been out of blog-land for a long time, drawn back in by a recent random comment left on mine 10 months after I wrote the post!
We still have our rooster Jet, (despite his 4.30am crows and his tendency to rid the ladies of their back feathers) he has such a good temperament I know it is rare to find one that the kids can pick and cuddle and he doesn't mind. Luck of the draw I guess.
Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your peaceful wanderings in your garden with your lovely chooks, unhindered by attacking roosters! Lisa :)

Jacqui said...

THanks Lisa. Sooty actually got snapped up for breeding - he was a handsome young fellow after all - so that was nice to hear. Apparently he was gone within a day of me dropping him off! The girls are up to their usual tricks - found Gum Nut sitting literally on top of Marjie's head in the layer box yesterday and big Fluffy all on her own on an empty nest next door. With all that madness going on the others are bit stuck for somewhere to lay so I've put an extra box in. Chickens!! I do love them. Glad all is well with you. Jacqui x