Wednesday, July 31, 2013



The Aussie chook nut rises...after almost a year of absence. Life eh? Things just happen. 

A fair bit has gone down in the Fibro Majestic over the past year; there was a bad patch of under-employment, a cracker of an elbow injury (tennis AND golf, on both sides, would you believe - not bad for someone who hates ball games) and a general depletion of the happy chemicals that keep you wanting to get out of bed in the morning. All good now - new job (ace job, in fact), iceberg-slow healing elbows (but healing all the same) and an upward turn in the happy chemicals department. All makes for a finer outlook and renewed interest in life -- and pretty much parallels what's been going down in the Summer Palace.

The girls are getting on you know; almost all of them are 7ish, give or take six months. Things were looking a bit dire for them over summer - they were loosing condition and the super hot days nearly knocked a few of them off the perch. Lucky for them they have 24/7 medical care at the door - well, at our back door, in a special emergency sick bird cage. We nursed and nursed and got them through. Turns out they had a bad case of cockadoodle-iosis, hadn't been wormed since who knows when, and were low in vitamins. Oh and stress - heat stress, was the final straw.

Anyway, they are bright and happy again and just to make us proud, have started laying again! We're getting two a day a the moment - one from Pippy the Terror and one from Fluffy Bum. Who'd have thought it would be those two who broke the ice? We're waiting for the 'young ones' to get stuck in now - Blossom should be back at it soon and the odd little Amelia who continues to astound us with her agility and flight (and her bossy nature - poor Gum Nut is as down-trodden as ever).

Here are some pics of the girls taken over the summer. Not much keeps Fluffy down - must be all those feathers :)


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Damn. I feel all teary. At least they don't need the dentist like old cats do.

Gorgeous chooks.
Gorgeous Aussie Chook Nut

Chris said...

I was just thinking of you when I did my recent blog post. Glad to see you well and the girls. Fab to see old Gum Nut again too.

We've had a drop in work hours recently. Thankfully it's tax time and we anticipate a return that should see us through this temporary (we're told) drop in income.

What can you do about it though, hey? Glad to see you posting again and look forward to seeing more. :)

I should have the baby blues because our new baby still keeps us up all hours!

Celia Hart said...

Glad things are looking up for you and your chooks xx

The Natural Soap Emporium said...

Oh Jacqui, I was wondering how you and your elbows were going since I saw you last! (It's Lisa from mountainwildlife btw - I had to change my google identity to suit my new blog I'm not even doing now as I've moved it and so thats all very confusing but anyway...!!)
I can't believe the age of your chooks - real gorgeous old ladies! And I have a soft spot for gumnut :-) We have a new flock of just 4 now since the big bad fox took all of our last lot, sad but we are loving our new girls :-)
Hope you are hanging on to happy days and feeling a bit brighter xx Lisa

Nandina said...

Hallo and glad to see you all back in the blogosphere!