Friday, October 25, 2013

Emergency temporal shift

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Gawd - what a week! Our beautiful Blue Mountains have been beset by bushfires. After the Black Saturday fires in Victoria in 2009, there has been a big awareness campaign about having fire plans and acting on them when the time comes. Well that time arrived this week and it was stressful and exhausting. At 4:05pm on Tuesday afternoon the NSW Rural Fire Service's Commissioner advised Blue Mountains residents planning on leaving to go before 9am on Wednesday morning with conditions forecast "as bad as they can get".

 The ABC's John Donegan snapped the local wildlife getting close with Rural Fire Service
teams near Windsor, New South Wales, on October 22 2013. Source

That was enough for me - and the rest of our street, as it turned out. Our emergency bag was already packed and documents, photos and hard drive boxed up and ready to go. Next to that was a line of pet cages for our 8 chickens and recently adopted 11 year old toothless cat. After getting our elderly neighbour sorted (her sons didn't want to come and get her!!) it was dark, so the girls were easy to handle in their sleepy state and didn't so much as 'bok' during the car trip. Can't say the same for poor puss; she cried the whole way and I had to stop twice for some reassuring cuddles.

Big turn out for our local RFS briefing on Monday 21st October 2013

Our lovely friends put us up in Sydney and helped build a make-shift home for the girls. They handled the evacuation with aplomb and managed to lay 6 eggs while they were away, much to the delight of our god children, who were super excited to have a menagerie of beasts come to stay.

We are home now and while we need to keep an eye on the fire situation, we are relieved to be back and able to see some humour in it all. Which is why I decided to do this next post - after some of the suggestions I received about evacuating chooks. Stay tuned!

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Chris said...

I was so thinking of you and Mountain Wildlife, knowing the bushfires were located in the Blue Mountains. I'm so relieved to hear you're all okay!

The exact same weather conditions were here before the fires started in NSW, and I thought, it just takes one mistake (one unnoticed spark) and fire would be on our doorstep. Nearly all our watertanks were empty too.

But then the rain came and I breathed a sigh of relief. When I saw what developed in NSW not long afterwards, I thought, that could have so easily been us.

Wonderful friends you have. Glad you're all safe. :)