Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eight is enough

I love my chooks and I can't believe they are as old as they are and still laying! Whatever happened in their off year seems to have passed and they are chooking along happily together. I can't quite believe we had 13 resident hens (OK, there was a rooster or two among them) at one point. Eight is enough to look after, especially now we have the health of an old cat to nurture.

Look what I found Fluffy!

It was under this lot of crazy broodies, jammed into one layer catcher

Jelly Bean came to us nearly a year ago as a 7 1/2 year old cat who had an odd mouth that food seemed to just drop straight out of. In 24 hours of having her, my local vet revealed that she had teeth that needed removing and almost none left up top and only a few below. Her papers revealed she was actually 11 1/2, not 7 1/2. After having her teeth out her appetite returned with a vengence and, showing no control whatsoever, I fed her pretty much whatever she liked whenever she liked. She put on a kilo in six months of being with us which is a lot for a cat who already weighed 6 kilos. She's now on a diet of sorts (measured amounts, given at set times, with lots of cuddles in between when she is feeling anxious).

The Bean - rolling around being cute. Don't be fooled by the setting - she's an indoor cat
who'd rather be on my lap than under a bush. Although I guess she'd could gum a few things to death her interest seems more of the fridge variety

Needless to say her presence in our lives has meant the girls are less in focus in my thoughts than before. Which I feel bad about. Same can be said for this blog. My preoccupation with other pursuits and a rather absorbing job mean I don't visit here as often as I would like. Life, eh. How many times have I written that lately!


Celia Hart said...

Looks like The Bean was happy to find you.

Lovely to see your flock again.

Chris said...

How does it all change, huh? I've been asking myself that a lot too. Sometimes you have to rearrange stuff as needs must. You don't need a rock to hide under though, just a lovely garden to retreat to. Just like the bean did.

She's found a lovely sunny spot to bask in her new pain-free life. Sure, she may not have teeth like her proverbial chicken homies, but she's found a lovely place in the garden to make the most of her free time.

Maybe you needed the bean to appear at this time in your life. A toothless tabby may be the key to simplicity. A coffee, chooks, a cat and some plants. Who needs a rock? ;)

Jacqui said...

Thanks Chris :)